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Cinnamon Roll: How We Support Local

On Halloween, lines wound around the block as costumed fans waited to get into the new Chip City location in Williamsburg. Now, barely two months later, the same scene—albeit a lot colder—repeated itself with customers in parkas. Some folks came from hours away, trekking from the Bronx or Long Island to our Brooklyn storefront. What could possibly draw so many people, as if it were a pastry pilgrimage, on a chilly Friday in January?


Meet the Cinnamon Roll Cookie. Baked to perfection, the layers of cinnamon and brown sugar make a hypnotic spiral, topped with a delicate swirl of sweet cream cheese icing. This rare Chip City flavor only comes out when the time is ripe for peak enjoyment (at the discretion of the Executive Chef!). Blissful faces and cream-cheese smudged grins always follow the first bite of this renowned cookie. The taste is everything one could possibly ask for out of a Cinnamon Roll Cookie, especially when fresh out of the oven.


This specialty cookie wasn’t the only draw that day. Customers who posted a picture of their Cinnamon Roll Cookie to Instagram were entered into a giveaway to win a $200 gift card to 12 Chairs Cafe, a local Israeli restaurant known throughout Williamsburg as a must-dine. By partnering with local eateries, Chip was able to both support local businesses and spread the word about our store throughout the area, something we value greatly as a small business ourselves.


For those who patiently stood in line, we provided a lil’ extra entertainment. Our marketing team, mic in hand, spoke to customers about their Chip City experience and asked them some fun questions such as “Would you rather meet your favorite musical artist or get free Chip City for life?” A couple chose their favorite artist (who could possibly pass up a chance to meet Harry Styles?), but the overwhelming majority opted for the fantasy of free cookies for life. This pleased the team, though we’re well aware of the sample bias seeing as everyone we asked were braving the cold for their turn at our cookies.


This promotion will continue to run every Friday in January. We hope that the crowds continue, noses pulled in by the scent like a Looney Tunes cartoon character. Be sure to stop by yourself and have a taste of the Cinnamon Roll Cookie if you haven’t already. It’s a bucket-list flavor, so don’t miss your chance to try it and support local businesses… see you there!

The Cinnamon Roll Cookie in all its deliciousness

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