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How a Flavor is Made

At Chip City, you’ll find flavors you won’t find anywhere else. Making Chip City flavors is a delicate process, but one we take great pride in. Our Rainbow Cookie that comes along once in a blue moon brings hordes of fans that nearly need professional crowd control. The Baklava Cookie is the first time the classic dessert was made into cookie form. Our Everything Bagel cookie, with savory seasoning and sweet cream cheese filling, is definitely different than any cookie you’ve ever tried! So how are all these creative flavors thought up in the first place?


When choosing a cookie to create, we don’t just pick any old flavor. The philosophy behind the decision comes down to just one thing: nostalgia. Everyone can vividly reminisce, particularly from childhood, certain flavors that resonate deeply both emotionally and experientially. Taste and smell do wonders to evoke memories and we do our best to create a taste that treats not only the tongue but also the brain. The right taste can be magical, a time machine that teleports you straight to the corners of your mind.


All of our classic flavors are based on nearly-universal experiences that many people, especially Americans, come across in one way or another. Our Oatmeal Apple Pie cookie, with rich spices and a warm apple filling, can transport someone back to afternoons with grandma. It brings to mind the smell of a freshly-baked pie wafting through the air as it cools on the window sill; the secret ingredient being love and care that only a grandparent can add. Peanut Butter and Jelly, a lunch staple for kids across the country, reminds us of recess and simpler times when the only worries were that of homework and nap time.


Our specialty flavors embody this same method. Chip City’s Strawberry Shortcake cookie is based on the famous Good Humor Strawberry Shortcake ice cream bar. This treat used to be available at the ubiquitous Mister Softee ice cream trucks that dotted street corners all over New York City during the summer. It is for this exact reason that we released this flavor over the summer, hoping that the cookie evokes the unadulterated joy that a child feels when treated to ice cream. The Sweet Potato S’mores cookie is based on a traditional sweet potato casserole. This cookies’ candied taste brings recollections of family Thanksgivings rushing back, a nostalgic avalanche that only food can stir up.

Behind the scenes!

Each recipe is the brainchild of Executive Chef Andrea. She goes through dozens of iterations for each flavor, using only the highest quality ingredients. Testing is done by the Chip City staff until both she and the (admittedly tough) panel of critics agree that the cookie is spot on in summoning up the intended memories. Even after a flavor is released, the team keeps a close eye on the response from our customers. Every single direct message on Instagram and email is noted, so for those of you who have done so, we thank you for your constructive feedback! Now you too can appreciate our process, so please reach out to us anytime with your opinions or suggestions, as every piece helps.

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