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Meet the Team – Part 1

Chip City is known for many different unique qualities. Cute branding, aromatic coffee, and a bustling social media presence are some of the many features that make for a magical Chip City experience. Nevertheless, at the core of our company is a single item: cookies. A wide variety, which includes dozens of flavors, inhabit a rotating menu to give our classics and seasonal flavors a chance in the spotlight. Classics like Chocolate Chip and S’mores are beloved by all and frequently available. Chocolate Peppermint Crinkle and Red Velvet Hot Chocolate pop up around the holiday season to spread festive cheer. Rare speciality flavors such as Cinnamon Roll (available every Friday in January at our Williamsburg location) are limited to a select few days a year, leading to lines around the block of fans eager to get their share. It’s obvious to all that our cookies taste amazing… but who is responsible for making them? 

Meet Andrea Prunella, our Executive Pastry Chef: the mind behind the cookie creations. She is responsible for coming up with flavor ideas, figuring out the ingredients needed, and repeatedly testing the recipes until one meets her (very high) standards for optimal taste. This is a long and arduous process that we plan to cover in a future blog post. As everyone knows, when something is achieved well it looks effortless, and Andrea’s finely-honed skill at creating cookies is no exception with her flawless execution.


Her journey has been a long one. Though just twenty-six years old, she already has over a decade of experience. At the young age of sixteen, she interned for a year without pay at M. Wells, a Long Island City Diner, eager to learn the ins and outs of a cutthroat industry. She continued on with various culinary industry jobs until finally she landed a spot at the renowned Culinary Institute of America in New York. After graduating, she started work once again under Dominique Ansel, churning French treats out of a Soho bakery. Andrea dreamed of always-beautiful weather, so soon after she moved to San Diego. Here she worked her way up to the position of Executive Pastry Chef at a restaurant named Nutmeg Bakery & Cafe.

Need a giant mixer for all that gooey dough!

It wasn’t long before Andrea found herself missing the Big Apple, and constant seventy-degree weather was no match for the opportunities back home. When she got back, she walked by a little-hole-in-the-wall bakery called Chip Cookies. Inspired by their business concept, she dropped off a resume with a note stating that she would love to join the team, even if it meant washing dishes to earn her keep. Soon she received a call from the founders, Peter and Teddy, and just ten minutes into the interview was hired on the spot to run the kitchen. The connection was immediate; the founders had a vision and Andrea was the perfect person to help make it a reality.

Since then, the menu has grown from just eight flavors to over forty. Andrea herself has evolved in her role, no longer limited to running the kitchen but overseeing much of the business operations as well. She possesses an astute understanding of her audience’s tastes. This includes not just the cookies but the enterprise as a whole, from marketing to customer service. Day to day, Andrea ensures that every cookie served is up to par and the many moving parts are running smoothly. Due to her hard work, you can be certain that when you walk into a store, you’re getting the best of the best and she’s to thank for the exceptional experience that our thousands of fans find downright addicting. 

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