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New Year, New Brand

2020 was certainly one for the books. We’ve collectively seen acts of bravery, selflessness, and care for one another as everyone was forced to adapt to a new reality. This New Year hits differently — in addition to the usual resolutions to get fit, work harder, or read more books, we find ourselves ready to begin the next chapter in our lives, optimistic that the year holds remarkable opportunities, where our fresh perspectives spur innovation and creativity.


Here at Chip City, we’re focusing on developing all parts of our young enterprise. Newly opened stores in Williamsburg and Sunnyside promise to cater to more communities. Our online shipping program centered around Bake-At-Home cookies proved wildly successful, allowing fans to enjoy a variety of flavors in the comfort of their own home. Our catering program saw its most successful month to date this past December. With a focus on expanding Chip City’s presence around the city, our hard working team is entering the new year with plans for growth. 


The branding we used to have, an orange theme with pillowy clouds, didn’t feel as if it completely captured the excitement of the Chip City experience. Each of our cookies had such a unique taste, a personality, that wasn’t being properly translated into the messaging we spend so much time perfecting. It was obvious that a complete brand makeover was long overdue, one that could capture the spirit of our wide variety of flavors and the smiles our gourmet cookies bring to thousands of faces.


Slowly but surely, the new look of Chip City began to take shape. Each of our cookies grew into spirited characters living in a colorful pastel world, traversing through town on unicycles, chocolate chip planes, and even hot air balloons. Houses look as if they were straight from Postcard Row in San Francisco, creating a Chip City skyline full of going-ons and happenings. Animating the characters brings another dimension of depth to the branding, as Blueberry Cheesecake chases after a fallen blueberry and Chocolate Chip suavely skateboards by, en route to important cookie business.

Catch that blueberry!

The new branding is opening up endless possibilities for interaction and engagement with our audience. We’ve only just begun to explore what these characters can offer, with plans to extend personalities to every cookie in our menu lineup. An entire cast of cookies can allow us to give them more stage time on our social media, feature them on our packaging, and ensure they are an integral part of Chip City. When you stop by a store, keep a lookout for the adorable characters that adorn the signage and know that Peanut Butter Chocolate and S’mores are so much more than just tasty flavors… now they’re an experience.

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