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Sunnyside and Why We Thrive

Ho Ho Ho! At long last, the Chip City blog post: Holiday Edition 🎅 

This is an exciting week- not only is Christmas finally here, but Chip City also opened up our sixth store in Sunnyside, Queens. This week’s Grand Opening went without a hitch! A line continued for hours wrapping around the block with eager fans hoping for a chance to get a free holiday cookie. If you were among the lucky few, which holiday cookie would you choose? The Chocolate Peppermint Crinkle cookie is a strong contender with its fudgy center. Falalala Funfetti, the festive twist on our classic Funfetti cookie, looks pretty on a platter and tastes even better. Or do you go with the silky and seductive Red Velvet Hot Chocolate, hot filling oozing out in a delicious mess? Of course, all hard decisions are made easier with a steaming cup of coffee, and many of our customers ordered just that.

The new fast casual store in Sunnyside signifies something larger than just another location to buy cookies. Our company’s growth in the face of adversity is something we’re very proud of. It’s not an easy time to be in the food business, yet by being innovative and resilient, we’ve managed to not just survive the past year, but thrive. An understanding of our customers plus some creative thinking has helped us exceed even our own expectations for success. One example of this is how our catering team adapted to our new reality where gatheringsthe basic necessity for catering—are ill-advised.   

Usually one of our busiest seasons for catering, the Chip City team understood that this holiday would pose a challenge. If nobody is hosting events or meeting up, how do we provide our cookies to a group of people? The solution was simple: if people can’t come to the cookies, we’ll bring the cookies to them! In order to leverage our packaging infrastructure for bake-at-home cookies, we launched a corporate-only service to ship already-baked Chip City cookies around the country.

This ended up being a hit! Managers found the perfect way to treat their hardworking employees during the pandemic. Lucky recipients received individually-wrapped cookies right on their doorstep, enjoying our cookies everywhere from Minnesota to Maine. Our innovative team has made similar inventive changes all across the board, through marketing, operations and even our supply chains. This type of thinking keeps us in the cookie game and we hope to continue providing our delectable desserts for many years to come. Until next time!

The Sunnyside Storefront

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