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A Warm Williamsburg Welcome

Welcome to week two of the Chip City Blog!


What comes to mind when you hear “Williamsburg?” Some will mention the avante-garde art exhibitions that draw critics from around the world. Others will mention the hip storefronts promoting craft wares made by local artisans. Waterfront views of the city act as a stunning backdrop for hopeful musicians busking their way to fame. The area has such a distinctive feel, even amidst a city full of unique and diverse locales. If you’re like me, the first thing you think of when you hear Williamsburg is some of the best eats in the city. 


Recently, one more tasty addition has joined the historic neighborhood. This past Halloween, Chip City opened up a fifth location which is located in the heart of Williamsburg at 123 Kent Street. Customers formed a line around the block for their chance to taste our famous cookies. The air was filled with the excited chatter of Chip City patrons showing off their costumes to fellow fans waiting in line. In a year that Halloween didn’t look the same, this was a welcome and safe alternative which allowed Brooklynites to enjoy a scary snack.  


As each customer finally conquered the line and made their way inside, they were greeted with the signature Chip City atmosphere; the delightful smell of fresh-baked cookies, the sound of the espresso machine whirring in the background, and the cheerful greeting of the Chip staff welcoming them in. Marble counters laden with trays of cookies right out of the oven beckoned you in, posing the essential and difficult question each Chip City shopper must face: Which flavor should I choose, or should I try them all? 


The new store wasn’t the only thing launching that day. The long-awaited vegan version of the Chip City chocolate chip classic was also made public for the first time. For this cookie, coconut oil is used instead of the typical European butter, and instead of eggs, oat milk proves to be a worthy substitute. The result is a chocolate chip cookie even crunchier on the outside and gooier on the inside. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that just because the cookie is vegan-friendly that taste is sacrificed; fans have told us that this cookie is even better than our normal chocolate chip flavor and clamoring for more vegan versions of our flavors. The development of more vegan cookies is top-secret… but don’t worry, faithful blog followers will be among the first to know!

Moments before customers flooded in...

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